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Criminal & Traffic Law

Family Law – Criminal and/or Traffic problem? Don’t put it off.

Family Law – Criminal & Traffic Law. Have the police charged you with an offence? If so, this can be a very stressful experience. Alternatively, you may been charged with a traffic offence and/or are you facing cancellation of your licence or a significant fine (or both).  Step Solicitors can provide an experienced lawyer to advise and represent you if you need help.

Call Step Solicitors now for an initial free confidential telephone discussion about your criminal or traffic charges.

Family Law

Do you have a family law problem? Call us now. Don’t live your life not knowing what can be done!

Family Law. Relationship break-ups and disputes can be very emotional and chaotic periods in your life. Choosing the right family lawyer is critical if engaged in disputes such as divorce, separation and especially over your children or in property disputes. If you can’t seem to be able to come to an agreement then Step Solicitors have highly trained and experienced professionals who can help you navigate these treacherous waters.

Call Step Solicitors now for an initial free confidential telephone discussion about how we can help resolve your family law problem.

Wills, Estates, Probate

Need a will, power of attorney or are you an executor of a will? Call Step Solicitors now for peace of mind

Wills & Estates. It is important that your property is dealt with in accordance with your wishes after death. You should ensure that you have a legal last will and testament which is up to date in order to protect your rights. Step Solicitors offer a competitive rate for the preparation of wills.

We also advise on prepare other documents that you may need such as a Power of Attorney or an appointment of Guardian.  Call Step Solicitors now for an initial free confidential discussion about your ongoing life issues.

Probate.  If you are named as an executor of a deceased person, you will either need a Grant of Probate to do your duties. Step Solicitors can assist you with this complex process.

Family Law – Criminal Law
Think Step Solicitors.

Step Solicitors are a law firm located in Sydney’s Eastern and Southern suburbs. We are also convenient and mobile.  That means we can come to you, especially for your first meeting with us.  Save time and money, we travel first.

Our expertise

Step Solicitors places a great deal of emphasis on the delivery of flexible and convenient legal services to our clients.

Convenience and Mobility

We realise that it is often difficult to make appointments with us during regular office hours. We pride ourselves in providing a convenient mobile service where our professionals can take instructions from our clients at their workplace, home or other location of the client’s choosing.  We will come to you especially for the first introductory meeting.  We’ll use our fuel and time, not yours.

Family Law – Criminal Law
Sydney Solicitors: Call Step Solicitors
Keeping you informed each step of the way

What makes us different at Step Solicitors? We want you to have the best professional legal service and advice that you can afford. You will receive close personal attention so that your legal matter to moves quickly toward resolution. We also believe that you should be kept fully informed of your matter’s progress at every stage.

Prior to handling your matter, we will tell you:

  • How long we expect it to take;
  • How much we estimate it will cost; and
  • How you will be kept informed of the progress of your matter.

Throughout the carriage of your matter, we will keep you informed of the current situation and any delays that might occur. If you don’t understand any aspect of your matter, please tell us so that we can discuss it with you.

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