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Have you damaged someone’s property and have been arrested?

Destroy or Damage Property. Have you been charged with damaging someone’s property?

You might have threatened to destroy or damage someone’s property or damaged or destroyed another’s property with the intention of injuring a person or persons.  You might have dishonestly destroyed or damaged someone else’s property.  This could even include the lighting of a bush-fire.

Regardless of whether this is your first offence or whether your previous criminal history means that you may be facing a significant fine or a possible custodial sentence, Step Solicitors can provide you with the advice and representation you require.

Different charges of assault.

There are a range of possible charges of criminal or malicious damage open to the Police and/or DPP, depending on the type of harm inflicted on the victim’s property.

The range of punishments can extend from a S10(1)(a) dismissal of charge, to prison sentences up to 25 years. Of course, this depend on the charge(s). We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you in assault or other criminal law matter; including police station attendances and urgent bail applications (including weekend applications). For advice if you’ve been charged with an assault, please call Step Solicitors on 1300 651 193.

All local court matters

Whether you are defending an allegation of assault, or simply pleading guilty to an offence with mitigation, Step Solicitors can help you obtain the best possible outcome for your matter. If the matter stays in the Local Court it is generally considered to be less serious than if it is committed to the District Court (or Supreme Court of NSW) for the most serious crimes. However, the Local Court does have the power to sentence an offender to a period of up to two years imprisonment. For matters where formal legal representation is uneconomical, Step Solicitors offers the self-represented litigant the distinct advantage of obtaining a written legal advice at a fraction of the cost of direct representation. Whether you need detailed advice on how to prepare your case, or whether you simply have a quick question relating to your legal position, we can provide you with professional advice and the flexibility to fit within any budget.

District Court and appeals after conviction

For more serious allegations, you need a team of professionals looking after and protecting your interests.  Step Solicitors Legal maintains a close working relationship with a number of junior and senior counsel for matters where representation by a specialist advocate is appropriate. The DPP will usually only elect for a more severe form of assault (see above list) to be committed to the District Court where the offence is in the upper range of seriousness for the charge.  Larger sentence options are available to the District Court and the most severe sentences can be given by the Supreme Court.

Criminal Law Solicitors

Helping people navigate the criminal justice system.

Step Solicitors can assist you in any criminal law matter, including the following:

  • Bail (including urgent and weekend applications);
  • DUI (drink driving) and other traffic offences;
  • Assault (including sexual assault) and affray;
  • Drug offences (including possession, supply, and trafficking)
  • Firearms and weapon offences
  • Stealing and fraud
  • Centrelink cases

For advice on your criminal or Traffic Law matters, please call Step Solicitors on 1300 651 193.

    * The information on this page does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon in lieu of seeking professional advice on the specifics of your individual matter.