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Eastern Suburbs Divorce Lawyers

Step Solicitors are here for you.

Do you need experienced eastern suburbs divorce lawyers?

Here at Step Solicitors believe that the practice of family law is about people first and profits last. Regardless of whether you simply need assistance filling in an application for divorce or whether you need a practitioner to act for you throughout complicated divorce and family law litigation, Step Solicitors will help you protect your interests.

We have a wide variety of experience in divorce and family law matters from property proceedings to parenting issues, and from child support agreements to binding financial agreements.  We can assist you in negotiating an acceptable settlement during the early stages of divorce proceedings can often result in significant savings to our clients.

Parenting matters

At Step Solicitors we are able to give you genuinely practical advice on the range of family law orders that might be acceptable for your personal situation and how the Court will go about determining the best interests of your child.

We can help you negotiate parenting orders by consent or, where agreement between the parties cannot be obtained, through a defended hearing.

Step Solicitors can assist you obtain parenting orders through the Family Court of Australia or the Federal Circuit Court.

Property matters

If your matter concerns family property can explain the process used by the court to determine your entitlement to a property settlement.

We can help you negotiate a binding financial agreement or, preferably, consent orders.  If all else fails we can give you legal representation and go to court and fight for your case.

For advice on Divorce and other family law matters, please call Step Solicitors on 1300 651 193.

Family Law Solicitors

Helping people navigate the family justice system

Step Solicitors can assist you in any family law matter, including the following:

  • Parenting orders;
  • Injunctions including restraining relocation and the placing of a child on the Family Law Watch List (airport watch list);
  • Property orders;
  • Contravention proceedings;
  • Binding financial agreements (encompassing prenuptial agreements);
  • Contempt proceedings;
  • Change of name;
  • Consent orders;
  • Order enforcement;
  • Magellan program;
  • Supervision;
  • Child support agreements and assessments;
  • De-facto relationships; and
  • Parentage testing orders (DNA paternity testing).

For advice on Family Law matters, please call Step Solicitors on 1300 651 193.



The information on this page does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon in lieu of seeking professional advice on the specifics of your individual matter.